Old c2x News

Below are the news items posted prior to 2020, so as to keep the home page shorter.

Version 2.32 released, 12th December 2019. Adds ability to create nanotubes and perform averaged radial plots on them. Improvements to Siesta support, a sign change in the reading of .cst_esp files, the addition of a CCP4 writer, arbitrary rescaling of grid data, and much else. See Change Log for fuller details. Also some webpages giving simple examples of creating isosurfaces with different software.

Version 2.30c released, 6th November 2019. Mostly minor bug fixes.

Version 2.30 released, 16th August 2019. Significantly more features: reads wavefunctions from Abinit, VASP and QE, and adds an option to add (or change) vacuum gaps in structures. See Change Log for further details.

Version 2.29 released, 5th July 2019. Mostly to fix a regression in 2.28 which caused some cell transformations to fail with an error. Also now retains considerably more when converting a Quantum Espresso .in file to a Quantum Espresso .in file.

Version 2.28 released, 10th June 2019. (Improves dipole corrections, fixes some cell transformation bugs which bite if tolerance (-e) is a large number.)

Version 2.26b released, 2nd April 2019. (Improves Quantum Espresso support, adds new snap to symmetry option.)

Version 2.25 released, 22nd February 2019. (Adds calculation of some post hoc dipole energy corrections. Also other minor improvements.)

Version 2.20a released, 11th February 2019. (Some bug fixes and cosmetic tidying.)

Version 2.20 released, 17th August 2018. (Adds calculation of electrostatic potential, rescales .cst_esp files by default.)

Version 2.16 released, 19th June 2018. (Adds reporting of band inversion and parity and initial Quantum Espresso support. Improves fdf support.)

Version 2.14 released, 27th March 2018. (Initial support for Abinit, improvements to .cube and Crystal support.)

Version 2.11 released, 2nd February 2018. (Adds dipole calculation, supports arithmetic expressions in .cell files.)

Source code of 2.05b made public, 12th December 2017, thus keeping a promise that it would be released in 2017.