Quick Install

These instructions assume a standard Linux system on which ~/bin exists and is on one's $PATH.

Very quick

  cd ~/bin
  curl -O https://www.c2x.org.uk/downloads/Linux/c2x
  chmod 755 c2x

Quick with compile

  curl -O https://www.c2x.org.uk/downloads/c2x_2.34a.tgz
  curl -O https://www.c2x.org.uk/downloads/spglib-1.12.2.tgz
  tar -xf c2x_2.34a.tgz 
  tar -xf spglib-1.12.2.tgz 
  cd spglib-1.12.2/src/
  cp ../../c2x_2.34a/Makefile.spglib Makefile
  cp spglib.h libsymspg.a ../../c2x_2.34a
  cd ../../c2x_2.34a
  cp c2x ~/bin

(When newer versions are released, one may wish to change the version number in the above to reflect this.)

Adding cellsym

  ln -s c2x ~/bin/cellsym

after either of the above. The arguments to cellsym are a subset of those which c2x accepts.


MacOS, by default, neither has a ~/bin directory nor has it on one's $PATH.

  mkdir ~/bin
  cd ~/bin
  curl -O https://www.c2x.org.uk/downloads/MacOS/c2x
  chmod 755 c2x

after which "./c2x --version" should work.

To add c2x more permanently to one's $PATH,

echo 'PATH=${HOME}/bin:${PATH}' >> ~/.bash_profile

may help. The above instructions for compiling from source should also work on MacOS provided that one has the command-line parts of Xcode installed.